A Comedy of Terrors is the first of two segments of the twenty-third episode of the Powerpuff Girls Z.

In this episode, a comedian tries to impress a girl who he likes, with disastrous results taking place affecting everyone in New Townsville....

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A Comedy of Terrors

Episode No.


Original Airdate

December 2, 2006

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Pastry Puff Panic (episode)

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Beetle Battle

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Beetle Battle

Episode Summary Edit


  • Ice Cream Man: Ice Cream? I'll make you scream! (Grunts)

  • Rhinho: Forgive me, Father.
  • Ice Cream Man: Huh? Just get out of here, okay. Why are you calling me father?

  • Ice Cream Man: That's nice.

  • Rhinho: Well, what would make you happy then?
  • Ice Cream Man: Hmm. That would make me happy to see a drama.

  • Ice Cream Man: I'll give you serious!
  • Rhinho: (Screams)
  • (People sees Rhinho in the trash hole)
  • People: (Screams)