And Then There Were Three

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July 15, 2006

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Bouncing Bubbles

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None (2-part episode)

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All in the Family

And Then There Were Three (Japanese name: ガールズ、結集! - Girlz Come Together) is the third episode of The Powerpuff Girls Z.

In this episode, a dismayed Buttercup joins the group after being brought into the lab for research on her powers, and her, Blossom, Bubbles are put to the test when they fight their first enemy as a team, and when they are put in the same class together so they can get along. 

Episode SummaryEdit


  • The PPGZ is officially formed by Mr. Mayor.
  • Buttercup meets Professor Utonium, Ken, and Poochi for the first time, as well as the Mayor and Ms. Bellum.
  • This is also the first appearance of Ms. Keane.