The Ballet Tiara is a prized tiara that Buttercup won in the episode "Buttercup and the Tiara".

Ballet Tiara






Can be prized when winning the Townsville Beauty Ballet Pageant Contest



Appearance Edit

The tiara appears to be a silver color with a ruby in the middle. There are even six emeralds on each sides of the tiara. The tiara itself even has sparkles.

History Edit

"Buttercup and the Tiara" Edit

Its first and only appearance is "Buttercup and the Tiara", when Bubbles got sick and has to stay in bed and was replaced by Buttercup. After getting ready for the contest, Ken Kitazawa and Blossom teaches Buttercup how to do ballet. Later, at the Beauty Ballet Pageant Contest, Buttercup is at the back of the stage with other girls named Nori and Dori being as Bekinna Hanazuka's guardian sisters to win the tiara. Buttercup later dances on stage, and the judges presented that "Bubbles" is the best ballerina in the whole entire Townsville, prizing her the Ballet Tiara. Princess Wendybelle later appears and attacks her for winning the tiara. Blossom appears, and told Buttercup that the only way to defeat her, was to show off some ballet moves. Wendybelle later goes back to her original form, and is arrested to prison. Bubbles later decided to let Buttercup keep the prized tiara.

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