Let's do this girls, shall we? We're gonna win that beautiful golden ballet tiara and beat that crybaby Bubbles! Or maybe call her the foolish girl who doesn't know how to do ballet. Anyway, let's do this and beat that tattletale!
— Bekinna Hanazuka

Bekinna Hanazuka (Japanese: Kimachu-chan Miriko) is Bubbles' new arch-enemy who made her first appearance in "Buttercup and the Tiara". Her main goal is to win the Ballet Tiara.

Bekinna Hanazuka

Japanese Name

Kimachu-chan Miriko

English Name

Bekinna Hanazuka

Japanese Voice Actor

Romi Park

English Voice Actor

Laura Bailey

First Appearance

Buttercup and the Tiara





Appearance Edit

She is a 15-year-old girl with darker brown long hair and has a pink bow styled to her hair. She wears a dull yellow dress with an image of a moth fairy. Her outfit is also decorated in roses, and she wears orange shoes. Her entire skirt color is purple.

In Ballet Form Edit

In her ballet form, her hair is styled in a bun with a yellow ribbon. She also has blue eyeshadow and dull pink lips. She wears a red ballet dress with a dark blue bow. Her ballet shoes are colored blue.

Personality Edit

Bekinna is served to be Bubbles' rival along with her twin sisters, Nori and Dori, who are also Bubbles' enemies. Her personality is rude, ungrateful and salty. She can do anything to make fun of Bubbles, and even winning the ballet tiara, as seen in "Buttercup and the Tiara".

History Edit

"Buttercup and the Tiara" Edit

When Bubbles is out sick and needs to stay in bed, she is replaced by Buttercup to win the Ballet Tiara. Ken Kitazawa and Blossom sprayed Buttercup with some perfume, which Buttercup doesn't liked. Buttercup is even forced to wear a light green-colored ballet outfit, and some green ballet shoes. Ken Kitazawa teaches Buttercup how to do the ballet.

Later, at the Townsville Beauty Ballet Pageant Contest, Bekinna is first dancing on stage, doing the Jete. Next is Nori who does pirouette. Third is Dori who does arabesque. Now, the last is Buttercup who does all the ballet talents she know from Ken Kitazawa. Buttercup then won the ballet tiara, and Bekinna and her sisters leaved the stadium. Princess Wendybelle later arrived at the Townsville Beauty Ballet Pageant Contest. She is late because she is too busy choosing a colored mascara. This made Wendybelle getting really angry because Buttercup won the tiara, making her going to turn to her siren form. Blossom appeared, and told Buttercup that the only way to defeat her is to show her the ballet talents.

Buttercup later showed Princess Wendybelle her ballet moves, which made her go back to her normal form. The police then arrested her in prison for misbehaving and being mean to Buttercup for a 12 years. Bubbles even decided to let Buttercup keep the tiara.

Trivia Edit

  • Bekinna Hanazuka is similar to Mertle Edmonds from Walt Disney's Lilo & Stitch: The Series. As both of them are having rude personalities.