Earwax Q-tip!
— Boomer attacking Bubbles

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Explosive Boomer

Japanese voice

Aoyama Touko

English voice

Aidan Drummond

First Appearance

The Rowdyruff Boys

Signature color



Cotton swab

Boomer is the blond-haired, blue-eyed member of The Rowdyruff Boys Z. He is Bubbles' male equivalent and an antagonist to the show.


He is the sensitive member of the group and is the counterpart of Bubbles. They too have some similarities, like their both signature colors are shades of blue, both of them are blondies, and his haircut is in a wing style similar to Bubbles' pigtails.   

Power and abilitiesEdit

The boys are seen as more powerful than the girls but they don't know how to use their powers correctly.  Boomer's weapon is actually Bubbles' cotton swab butch's is buttercup's stinky gym sock and Brick's is blossom's straw.