Miko Shirogane

Japanese Name

Miko Shirogane

English Name

Duchess Morbucks

Japanese Voice

Mariko Kouda

English Voice

Chantal Strand

First Appearance

Demashita! Shirogane Z

Signature Color



Duchess Z

Duchess Morbucks (Miko Shirogane / 白金 神子) is the older sister of Best Girl Himeko Shirogane (Princess Morbucks) who is talented at everything. Proof of that is that she has won a fly swatting trophy, a trophy for being the most beautiful girl and the fact that most of the Morbucks videos are about her, this is in the episode "The Mighty Morbucks". She appeared in three episodes, two of which were cameos. Her first appearance was in Sleepless in New Townsville in several cameos, before her first actual appearance in person was in "The Mighty Morbucks" (Episode 41). She is voiced by Chantal Strand in the English dub, who is also voiced Diamond Tiara and Spoiled Tiara in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Mariko Kouda in the original Japanese dub.


Duchess came to visit her family in Townsville. But on the way, she encountered the Powerpuff Girls Z and repeated their names in a sinister voice. After reuniting with Princess, the two planned to defeat the Powerpuff Girls Z with money. They got Mojo to help by creating a white suit identical to the Powerpuff Girls Z for Duchess, and she fought them. She tricked Mojo into attacking and defeated him. Duchess complimented the Powerpuff Girls Z and took off. A few days later, she said goodbye to Princess and returned to London.

Physical Appearance Edit

Duchess very much resembles her mother. She has shiny waist-length hair which she lets loose instead of piling it up the way her mother does. Like her family, Duchess's purple eyes have white stars in them. Her signature color is purple.


While Duchess appears kind towards her family, she is jealous of the Powerpuff Girls Z and hates them, going so far as to bribe Mojo with gold to help her do her try and get rid of them. Duchess loves to show off and her main reason for returning to Townsville was to show off to the city and she succeeded. But all in all, Duchess is sweet natured to her family and a evil mastermind to everyone else.


  • Duchess appears to be based on Bunny from the original series.
  • Like her younger sister, her eyes are star shaped.
  • Her Japanese name is Miko Shirogane.
  • In the english dub they show her as to be sixteen.