I'm too sweet to be angry, and everyone likes me more than Sapphire
— Gemstone

Gemstone (Japanese: Gima Stonu) is Khloe's pet sphynx cat known to help her become loved by Poochi. She can either can talk like Poochi, and first appeared in "Gemstone Love". Her enemy is Sapphire.


Japanese Name

Gima Stonu

English Name


Japanese Voice Actor

Yui Horie

English Voice Actor

Tara Strong

First Appearance

"Gemstone Love"



Appearance Edit

Gemstone is a blue sphynx cat, and wears a pink ribbon on her head. She also wears two earrings on her right cat ear and one earring on her left cat ear. She even has blue eyes and wears a blue top decorated with pink bows on.

Personality Edit

Gemstone is a spoiled, rich and lazy sphynx cat who does everything for Khloe. She is also obsessed in diamonds, and loves being more richer than her owner.

History Edit

Gemstone Love Edit

Gemstone is first seen being on Khloe's lap and riding in her long pink car, and even sees Poochi and causes her getting hearts on her eyes. She is later spying on Poochi dating Sapphire on the beach, and is being more jealous of her. She then pretends to be Sapphire in disguise, and dates Poochi at the sunset. Her disguise later got off by the wind, and Poochi got away, and Gemstone got very more angrier as before, and is hit by the black Z ray and turned into a giant-sized mutant cat, and is taking over the city when getting mad. However, the girls defeated Gemstone, and Khloe takes her home, and ties her up in her pet house outside as punishment.

Along Came a Khloe Edit

Gemstone later appeared in "Along Came a Khloe", where she is lying down in her bed, and Khloe needs to get her ready for the pet contest, and Khloe need to give her a bath, as Gemstone being a cat, she appears to dislike water. Khloe later has an idea, and puts her ball of yarn inside the bathtub, as Gemstone went into it, and got fooled, as Khloe gives her a bath.

When Khloe brings Gemstone to the pet contest, she got all dirty again, and Khloe got mad and turns into her giant tarantula form, angry at Gemstone. The Powerpuff Girls later defeated her by soaking her up with a giant bucket of water, and Princess Morbucks (character)' cat, Sapphire, won the crown, getting proud by Poochi, and goes on a date with her. Khloe later got mad and yelling at her, and gives her a mud spa for the next pet contest.

Powers Edit

Giant Mutant Cat Transformation - Turns Gemstone into a giant-sized mutant cat when getting angry. This is because she go hut by the black Z ray.

Trivia Edit

  • She has a similar personality to Yuni's, Ring Ring's pet Shi Tzu puppy from the Disney series, Pucca.
  • Her voice actor, Tara Strong, is a star to voice Twilight Sparkle from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.