And I will hope you will never abandon me again, new boyfriend!
— Jessica

Jessica (Japanese: Jeshika-chan), also known as Jessie for short, is a gaming character from the video game, PokeLove 8. She is a minor character who is based upon the original Jessie/Jessica from the Pokemon series. Her main goal is to have Buttercup to become her "boyfriend" forever, thinking that she's male.


Japanese Name


English Name


Japanese Voice Actor

Mayumi Tanaka

English Voice Actor

Stephanie Sheh

First Appearance

"Jessie meets Buttercup"





Appearance Edit

Jessica is a fair-skinned girl. She has dark pink long hair with sapphire blue eyes and wears a Team Rocket uniform that consists a midriff with a large letter R on it and a black short sleeved midriff underneath, a white short skin and black thigh-high boots. She wears apple green pearl earrings.

History Edit

Jessica is inspired by the original Jessie from the Pokemon series. The programmers later tried to delete her, but managed to "delete" them. In "Jessie meets Buttercup", Buttercup, Blossom, Bubbles, Ken Kitazawa and Professor Utonium are going to the game shop, buying a video game for their friend, Robin Snyder, who is having the flu from swimming in the cold pool and is resting in bed. Buttercup later buys her game and plays it at home for 8 hours all night instead of going to bed.

Early one morning, Blossom and Bubbles found Buttercup playing the game. Blossom told Buttercup that they are going to be late for the field trip to the television factory. Buttercup told Jessica that she will see her later after the field trip. Later, at the television factory, Buttercup founds Jessica on the television, and is telling her that she will be her "boyfriend" forever, but Buttercup told her that she's a girl. And since she is interested in cool stuff, she is a girl, but doesn't love being a "boyfriend" of any other girl. Jessica later knocks on the screen with her inside with her sour temper.

After the field trip, Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup when to the arcade, with animatronics are under the mind control of her. Jessica being a Sailor Jupiter animatronic, with her real appearance on an arcade machine. Her animatronic minions are holding Blossom and Bubbles, and Jessica uses her plug to download her mind to the game, so they can be together forever. Buttercup later destroys her code/data by punching it, making her disappear. With Jessica's final fate is unknown if she is dead or not.

Trivia Edit

  • Her English voice actor, Stephanie Sheh, also voiced Treasure from the Disney's Whisker Heaven series.
  • In concept art, Jessica's hair is dull blue color, similar to James' hair from the Pokemon series.
  • Mayumi Tanaka reveals at BigFest 2017 that Jessica is actually not dead but is still somewhere. It was confirmed in Chemical C that she wirelessly jumped into Yo-Kai Watch 2 and is dating Fuu2 in the game.