250px-Omiya 2

Japanese Voice

Nami Miyahara

English Voice

Maryke Hendrikse

First Appearance

Only A Matter of Time

Signature Color






Omiya was one of the members of the Ooedo Chakichaki Girls and the Edo counterpart of Bubbles. She was one of the girls who helped fight off Him and locked him up before sending him into an iceberg for three hundred years - until present day Tokyo/New Townsville.

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She appeared in episode 30 along with Okou and MomoShe shared the same personality as Bubbles, her weapon was a big fan used to blow away her enemies. She wore a blue Kimono dress after transforming.


- She was the Joyful member of the Group, she liked fashion, cute things and so on.

- She was cheerful, cute, polite and innocent. Instead of pigtails, she had buns and had a flower-shaped hair clip .She said to Bubbles before leaving "Maybe we should see each other next time". 

- Her hair is darker than Bubbles.

- She has a nice, calm and cute personality and she likes cute clothes like Bubbles for example, episode 30 she said,"I don't know how cute clothes are gonna defeat him, but who cares!"

-She's dead. So are Momo and Okou. And THAT is depressing.