Pizza Queen is a pizza restaurant located in New Townsville. It first appeared in "An Abi-gailer".

Pizza Queen




Queen Biquel (former restaurant manager) Unnamed Pizza Queen Manager


Buttercup, Bubbles, Blossom, Ken Kitazawa, Professor Utonium

Final State

Still Standing

Appearance Edit

Pizza Queen, also spelled as "PQ" for short, is an indigo-colored restaurant building with its sign saying 'Pizza Queen' with yellow letters. There is also two golden crowns on each side of the Pizza Queen sign with an emerald in the middle. There is even a 'Drive-Thru' sign beside the restaurant.

History Edit

"An Abi-gailer" Edit

In "An Abi-gailer", The Powerpuff Girls are having a sleepover party and also invites Ken Kitazawa to it for finishing doing the chores around the house, including washing Professor Utonium's new parrot-patterned coffee cup. The girls even invites Veronica, Stephanie and Robin Snyder to the PJ party and don't invited Princess Morbucks (character) since she is a foolish Abigail. They have a dancing contest in the living room, watch a movie, and even went to Pizza Queen. Princess Morbucks was in her room, having a bad attitude. So she decided to have a PJ party of her own and invented some robot versions of the Powerpuff Girls, Ken, Veronica, Stephanie and Robin.

At Pizza Queen, the Powerpuff Girls, Ken, Veronica, Stephanie and Robin have some pizza. Queen Biquel in space is later first seen as she is in her spaceship. Queen Biquel is very upset that she is fired from being the manager of Pizza Queen when she was replaced by an unnamed one. Queen Biquel later decided to take over New Townsville so she can become the manager of Pizza Queen again. She later drives her spaceship to Earth, and is attacking the city.

While the girls, Ken, Veronica, Stephanie and Robin are asleep in their sleeping bags in the living room, the girls noticed one of their newest anime enemies, Queen Biquel, is taking over New Townsville, so they went out there to fight the villain. Queen Biquel uses her pepperoni bazooka to attack the girls. They later defeated her with garlic, since she is allergic to garlic, causing her to have chickenpox. After their battle, Queen Biquel is arrested and is taken to New Townsville Prison by the police. Professor Utonium is even proud of the girls for defeating the evil Queen Biquel. In Princess Morbucks' bedroom later, she is watching Night of the Ghostly Moth Fairy movie with the robots.

"City Tour" Edit

Pizza Queen later appeared in "City Tour", where the Powerpuff Girls and Ken gave new student, Mitsy, a tour around the city of New Townsville. They showed her their house, Pizza Queen, and other places around the city. Mitsy later seemed to like New Townsville, and later decide to have Townsville as her new home. However, Mitsy is actually a girl-like robot invented by the evil Him to take over the city. They later poured water on her, making her broken, and throwing her into the trash.

Trivia Edit

  • If this is true, then Pizza Queen could strangely be a parody of Burger King, Pizza Hut, or even Domino's.