PokeLove 8 (Japanese: PokeAi 8), also known as Pokemon: Love Adventures, is a video game disc owned by Buttercup that it was later destroyed by Buttercup by punching it in the episode, "Jessie meets Buttercup".

PokeLove 8


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Final State

Gets punched by Buttercup and got destroyed

Appearance Edit

Box Edit

The game disc's box art is included to be colored magenta and yellow. It also has an image of Jessie/Jessica winking her left eye and is doing a jumping pose, and is holding a Pokeball. There are even some roses in the background, and the video game title saying "PokeLove 8" with a Pokeball for an "O" in the word 'Love'. There is even a hot pink heart shape saying "Learn How to Become a PokeLove Knight!!".

Game CD Edit

Its game CD is hot pink colored with the title "PokeLove 8", and even has some Pokeballs and plum colored sparkles around the game disc.

History Edit

"Jessie meets Buttercup" Edit

The gaming disc made its only appearance in "Jessie meets Buttercup", where Robin Snyder is sick and is resting in bed, and Buttercup, Bubbles, Blossom, Ken Kitazawa and Professor Utonium then went to the Game Disc Store to buy a game disc for Robin to make her feel better. Buttercup later purchases the 'PokeLove 8' game disc. Buttercup later plays the game for 8 hours all night instead of going to bed. Early next morning, Bubbles and Blossom told Buttercup that they are going to be late for the field trip to the T.V. factory.

At the T.V. factory, Jessica managed to get into a television screen and tells Buttercup the whole story. The programmers of PokeLove 8 tried to delete her, but she manages to "delete" them. She even tells Buttercup to become her "boyfriend" forever and ever, telling her that she has a crush on her, and think that she is a boy. But Buttercup told Jessie that she is female, not male. Jessie even threw her bad attitude, stomping and knocking on the screen with her inside. She later paused her with a remote, and continues following the others.

Later, after the field trip to the T.V. factory, The Powerpuff Girls went to Sailor Moon's Solar Arcade. The Sailor Scouts band is about to start. Sailor Moon animatronics are later under the mind control of Jessie, who is in the control of a Sailor Jupiter animatronic, and has the Sailor Scouts animatronics to hold Bubbles and Blossom. Jessie later attempts to download Buttercup's brain into the digital world, so they can be together forever. But Buttercup punches the PokeLove 8 disc and got destroyed, even the game itself.

Chemical C Edit

According to Chemical C, Jessie is not dead, but actually has jumped into Yo-Kai Watch 2 and is having a relationship between her and Fuu2, who now becomes her new boyfriend.

Trivia Edit

  • PokeLove 7 could possibly be a video game based on yandere.
  • PokeLove is a pun on "Pokemon".