Powerpuff Girls! We need you!
— Poochi
Poochi 2


English Name


Japanese Voice

Tomoko Kaneda

English Voice

Matt Hill

First Appearance

Powerpuff Girls to the Rescue

Peach (Poochi in the English version) is a robotic dog created by Ken. He was hit by White Z-Rays which gave him the ability to talk and gained increased intelligence. In one episode, he had a crush on Sapphire, (Princess Morbucks' cat), but he got over it when she revealed her true intentions.


Poochi is just like any other dog, only he is cream yellow and has brown ears. He also has a violet nose and he also wear a yellow collar around his neck with a bone on it.


Poochi is a kind and lovable dog.  He never gives up when it comes to challenges in his life. When Poochi fell in love with Sapphire, he did anything to make her feel the same, (he even lost a card game on purpose).  Sometime when you deceive Poochi, he is deplorable and becomes angry at you.


Poochi was affected by a White Z-Ray, gaining the ability to talk, as well as a considerable boost in intelligence. Peach's shout prompts the girls to transform either in person or through a long-distance communication device, although a modification to the girls' compacts allows them to transform on their own. Additionally, Poochi was able to re-summon the girls' powers, even when their powers were drained. Poochi is also capable of sniffing out those who are affected by the Black Z-Rays, White Z-Rays, and Him's Black Z-Ray dusts. The Black Z-Ray monsters/villains that have been sniffed by Poochi are stored in his data banks for later reference. This ability, however, is hindered if his target is wearing heavy cosmetics (as was the case with Sedusa). Poochi is also capable of sniffing and identifying others more clearly than other dogs, even when someone's appearance has been completely changed. In the Japanese version, Poochi's phrases always end with a bark (or "wan," literally his bark). He is also able to understand cats. It is possible Poochi is based after "The Talking Dog" as well as the Powerpuff Hotline. Like many recurring characters, he was given his own symbol, a Bone.



  • Poochi is the only digital dog that can talk.
  • Like Blossom in the original show, Poochi has a lot of knowledge. Ken does as well.
  • As mentioned in And Then There Were Three, his favorite food is dumplings.