Powerpuff Boys Z

The Powerpuff Boys Z only appeared in episode 37. This team consists of Ken, Professor Utonium and Peach (Poochi). It was formed because the girls had to take the final exam, and the School Principal didn't want them to transform during the exam. Ken, Professor Utonium and Peach's alter-egos are Kamikaze Ken Z (Ken Kitazawa Z in the Japanese version), Professor Puff Z (Utonium Z in the Japanese version) and Power Poochi Z (Peach Z [da wan!] in the Japanese version) respectively. They fought the Gangreen Gang, Fuzzy Lumpkins, Mojo Jojo and the Amoeba Boys. They won, but it was only luck. Kamikaze Ken Z (Ken Kitazawa Z) has no main attacks and he uses gadgets like a chewing gum, a bowling ball and a broomstick to fight. Professor Puff Z (Utonium Z), inspired by PowerProf from the original series, is the most powerful member of the team. He uses his cyber suit to fly and fires lasers from his gloves (Similar to Iron Man) and his forehead. His main attack is the "Uto Beam." Power Poochi Z (Peach Z) fights with a nunchuck made of bones. While he has no main attacks, Power Poochi Z (Peach Z) is roughly a combination of Bruce Lee and Yoda from Star Wars: Episode II in fighting style. He also wears an outfit similar to Beatrix Kiddo from Kill Bill.


  • Kamikaze means "divine wind" in Japanese.
  • Instead of saying, "Fighting love science legend! Powerpuff Girls Z!" like the Girls say every time they pose, Utonium Z says, "Fighting love science professor! Utonium Z!" Ken says, "Fighting love science boy" and Peach says "Fighting love science dog". NOTE: In Japanese version ONLY. Not included in English dub.