Powerpuff Girls to The Rescue

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July 1, 2006

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The Secret of the Powerpuff Girls

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The Secret of the Powerpuff Girls

Powerpuff Girls to The Rescue (Here Come the Girlz! in the original Japanese version) is the first segment of the first episode of The Powerpuff Girls Z. In this segment, Mojo attempts to steal candy from some kindergarten students, and the PPGZ must stop him.

Episode SummaryEdit

It starts out with Professor Utonium and his son, Ken, working on Chemical Z. After a huge lab explosion, the Mayor comes on the computer screen to inform them about Mojo Jojo at a kindergarten. Poochi sends a signal to the PowerPuff Girls at school. They tell the teacher they have stomach aches and run out of class to the school roof to transform. On Blossom's compact, they see Mojo putting kids in a cage and fly to the rescue of them.

As the little children cry, Mojo demands for their candy as he explains his new robot that uses candy for fuel. The PowerPuff Girls fly down and as they're ready to defeat Mojo, the little kids all want their autographs. Mojo becomes jealous and the PPGZ tell him that villians don't deserve autographs. Out of the blue, the kindergarten teacher comes to protect her children, but passes out when scared by Mojo. Mojo flies off in the sky and the battle starts.

Sadly, the girls' attacks have little affect, and soon run out of stamina. As Mojo starts to land the final blow, he sees the PowerPuffs eating ice cream. He soons joins and the Professor, Ken, and Mayor sees them and starts to eat ice cream as well. The kindergarten lady comes riding a small bike, demanding Mojo to let her kids go. Mojo quietly explains his plan to himself, but is overheard by Buttercup and he calls out for his Robo Jojo. The girls finish their snacks and attack Mojo,, sending him off in the sky.

They return to the kindergarten and Blossom frees the kids using her yoyo. The girls say their final comments of this battle as hearts surround them.