It's my pleasure, Barnaby. I would love to ride the Sunny Coster. It may be scary, but it's fun.
— Sasha

Sasha (Japanese: Muki-chan) is an exclusive character of The Powerpuff Girls Z anime version. She is Ken Kitazawa's new friend and first appeared in "Flowers and Sun".


Japanese Name


English Name


Japanese Voice Actor

Nana Mizuki

English Voice Actor

Russi Taylor

First Appearance

Flowers and Sun

Appearance Edit

Sasha has dark brown hair styled in a ponytail with a pink bow attached to it. She wears silver heart-shaped earrings, and wears a long-sleeved hot pink dress with an image of a moon. She also wears friendship bracelets and yellow sandals.

Personality Edit

Sasha is quite, calm and loyal. She is interested of her favorite stuffed horse, Apple Sparkles.

History Edit

Flowers and Sun Edit

Her first appearance in "Flowers and Sun", where she and her friends are on a field trip to Sunflowerland. Opal and Yuria later got lost during the field trip. After the field trip, they apologized to Ms. April for not staying behind her.

Others Edit

She still appears in other episodes.

Trivia Edit

  • Her voice actor, Russi Taylor, also voices the Disney character Minnie Mouse.