The Powerpuff Girls Z is a group of teenage girls who, after being struck by a mysterious white light, gained the ability to transform in to superheroes. As heroes, they go by Hyper Blossom , Rolling Bubbles , and Powered Buttercup . They use their powers to protect New Townsville (USA)from villains such as Mojo Jojo

Origin Edit

While experimenting with Chemical X, Professor Utonium was prompted by his son, Ken , to take a break. During this break, Poochi accidentally drops a mochi in to the Chemical X, causing a chemical reaction. After some analysis, it is revealed that this reaction has caused an entirely new chemical, which is considerably more powerful than it's counterpart. This new chemical is dubbed Chemical Z. 

Shortly after, an iceberg is discovered in New Townsville Bay, and it is revealed that weather patterns all over the world have been disrupted. In an attempt to destroy the iceberg and save New Townsville (USA) from impending doom, Ken shoots  Chemical Z at the iceberg. Both black and white light bounce off of the remnants of the iceberg, many hitting various people and animals in New Townsville of America. Though the black light creates villains, the white light that hits the girls turns them in to heroes, giving them the ability to protect the city.

Team MembersEdit


The self proclaimed leader of the PPGZ, Blossom is a brave girl with a knack for getting in to trouble. Her weapon is a yo-yo, and she wears a red uniform.


A kindhearted girl full of compassion. Bubbles fights with a bubble wand, and wears a blue uniform.


The rough-and-tumble girl of the group. Buttercup uses a hammer as a weapon, and wears a green uniform.

Differences between the Cartoon and the AnimeEdit

Despite being based on the cartoon by Craig McCracken, there are many differences between the anime and it's source material. Some of the main differences are as follows

  • Though they are sisters in the cartoon, the girls are simply friends in PPGZ. They are also considerably older, and attend middle school instead of kindergarten.
  • The girls are not created by the Professor in PPGZ, though he does, in a way, give them their powers.
  • Instead on relying on super powers like their American counterparts, PPGZ draws inspiration from Japanese magical girls, and the three fight with weapons instead.