Kaoru's father, a professional wrestler and loving family man who is never seen without his mask.

He is known as The Masked Wonder in the English dub.


He wears a blue, white and star mask.


He left for Mexico when Kaoru was young, and studied the art of the Luchador after experiencing a losing streak that could have cost him his career. His teacher was severely injured in what is implied to be his final match. The Masked Wonder was given his teacher's mask, which in true lucha spirit, he never removes (except when taking a shower). Since then, Kaoru has forgotten what her father's face looks like. There is no photograph in their family album that shows what his real face looks like either, mirroring Miss Bellum's running gag. After he wins the match against Panda Face McGrath, Kaoru finally got to see her father's face for the first time since before he left for Mexico, which is reportedly 'very handsome'.