Miss Keane introduces Ueno-Kun to Mojo-Jojo

Undergrounder Ueno-Kun is a minor recurring character in PPGZ. He is Miss Keane's boyfriend. He always makes his appearances in an underground drill rocket ship.


He looks like a grey robot wearing round, black sunglasses, a brown bandana in his pink hair, a brown shirt, green waistcoat and yellow scarf. He seems to have robotic springs for legs under his puffy brown shorts. He also has a small, circular earring.


Miss Keane- He is the current boyfriend of Miss Keane. Not much is known about him, except that according to Miss Keane, he loves fried shrimp and has a humorous personality. He also seems to live in his underground drill rocket ship.

Unknown undergrounder girl- He had broken up with Miss Keane and dated her, but she dumped him.


Undergrounder Ueno-Kun cuddles up to Miss Keane.