Vampire Sonata of the Death (Japanese: Kyuketsuki Sonata No Inkururdo Shi) is a movie drama that only appeared in "Shush Squad". Some females are the only fans of one main character, except Buttercup.

Vampire Sonata of the Death

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New Townsville Cinema

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Shush Squad

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Appearance Edit

The two main characters of Vampire Sonata of the Death are two female vampires, Belle and Jasmine, and the minor character/love interest, Nathaniel.

History Edit

"Shush Squad"

Buttercup had decided to go into the cinema block this movie was airing in. In the midst of trying to shush all of the fans, a majority which were female, she ended up getting caught up by the movie. She ended up getting into a block-wide argument over which of the two female vampires were better, even tearing up someone's poster.

Buttercup eventually left the block, covered in popcorn and soda.

Trivia Edit

  • Vampire Sonata of the Death is a parody of the movie saga, Twilight.
  • Belle appears to be the female fans' favorite, except Buttercup dislikes Belle.
  • Buttercup is the only fan of Jasmine.